In these examples Dani and Jason thought about what was going on and what their options were on their own. It is important for Dani and Jason to realise that student-advisor conflict is quite common at universities and there are a number of support services available if they would like assistance.

As PhD students they would be supported by the Graduate Research Office at their university.

Here is a message from the Dean of the Graduate Research School at James Cook University. Professor Helene Marsh explains how policies and procedures can assist HDR students to understand the research process better.

Other options for university support for HDR students could include:

  • Student Welfare and Advocacy
  • Student Conflict Support Service
  • The Head of School or Discipline
  • Another lecturer/advisor in their discipline or college
  • Research department

Students could also seek advice from:

  • Peers
  • Their professional network
  • Other academics in the field

Apart from seeking advice HDR students could also think about who is available to offer personal or emotional support. They might consider talking to:

  • A conflict coach
  • A counsellor
  • Friends or family

For more information have a look at the resource sheet seeking assistance.