Often, doing nothing can lead to a conflict getting worse. Let’s have a look at what happened when Ashley did nothing

Ashley ended up doing nothing about the noise and now she feels worse about the situation. By doing nothing the problem has escalated. She’s now thinking about leaving the college she loves to get away from the conflict.

However sometimes doing nothing can work out. Let’s look at another scenario where Ashley did nothing and the noise was no longer an issue.

In this scenario
  • John got a new girlfriend
  • Now he doesn’t spend much time in college

So although Ashley decided to avoid dealing with conflict directly with John, in this instance another person (the new girlfriend) intervened and her actions helped to address the noise problem. Ashley was kind of lucky in this case that this new relationship came along and sorted it out for her. Things may not have gone so well if the new girlfriend wasn’t around and if they later break up it might be a whole new issue.

Let’s have a look at what might happen if Ashley decides to have a conversation with John.