Some college conflicts may be complex and you may feel you want advice or support before trying to manage it yourself.

Options for seeking advice may include:

  • Talking to family or friends about the issue
  • Seeking assistance from a counsellor
  • Talking to someone from Student Conflict Support Service
  • Talking to a Residential Assistant (RA)

In this video series we will follow Ash as she tries to get help with her noise situation.

What is a Residential Assistant?

Most colleges have later year students as RAs who can help with a range of things on college including conflict. Let’s meet Tim an RA from Ashley and John’s College as he explains his role.

In this clip, Ashley has decided the RA from her college Tim is the best person to help her with her issue.

Sometimes seeking assistance may not solve the problem. This may be because of the level of assistance given, or other outside factors.

Thinking through what help you might need, and who is best placed to give that help is a great place to start.

Sometimes assistance can be kept confidential. If you are not comfortable addressing the person face to face, like Ash was originally this might be an option.

In this video Ash and the RA keep the fact that she sought assistance confidential and it has helped the conflict.

If you are thinking about seeking assistance, This information sheet seek assistance may be useful to help you think about what people or services you could speak to.