Living on campus can be a great way to experience university life, make friends and be close to all your classes. Sometimes though, living in such close proximity with other students can be a source of conflict.

Conflict at college can have a negative impact on your university experience, making it hard to concentrate on your studies and creating additional stress in your life. It’s important to try to prevent college conflict, and when it does occur, to manage it effectively.

Some of the things that college residents typically get into conflict about include:

  • Noise
  • Communal facilities (e.g. bathrooms)
  • Rules around visitors and parties
  • Sharing property – food, utensils etc.
  • Using common areas
  • Schedules – coming and going times

Here are some students talking about typical college conflicts they have experienced:

Dealing with college conflict

Prevention is better than cure! At college it is always helpful to be aware of the college rules and chat to your neighbours about schedules and expectations from the beginning. This can prevent misunderstandings and conflict later on.

College residents Ashley and John are in conflict about the noise coming from John’s room. Let’s follow Ashley as she tries to manage the conflict.