You tend to urge moderation and meet people halfway. You feel that each party compromising and giving something up to agree with the other party makes conflict a democratic process.

The compromiser is like the fox, which gives in a little, but also stands its ground.

Compromising is when you trade some of your needs by making concessions but also expect the other side to give something up as well. It is often perceived that if everyone in the conflict wins some and loses some then you may get to an outcome that is ‘fair’.

This style is useful when both parties are:

  • In a strong position
  • Willing to cooperate
  • Conscious of maintain a good relationship with each other
  • Happy to meet each other ‘half way’

It might not be a good option if:

  • You feel you will give up too much and be left unhappy with the outcome
  • The issues are very important to you and to compromise would conflict with your values
  • You become known as a compromiser and other people ask for more and more extreme positions
  • The situation really requires a creative solution