You’ve come to this website for a reason. Maybe you are experiencing conflict yourself, you are trying to help a friend who is in conflict, or you are just interested in the topic. Whatever the reason, we hope you find the information on this site useful.

Let’s start by getting a clearer understanding of what conflict actually is. It is often defined as:

  • A disagreement between people
  • A clash of values or beliefs
  • A fight or battle

Let’s hear what these students think conflict means.

It is common for people to associate conflict with negative feelings. However conflict, when managed effectively, can also:

  • Provide an opportunity to improve your communication skills, for example if you learn to have a difficult conversation with someone
  • Ensure decisions are well thought out
  • Help build stronger relationships between people
  • Create change and stimulate creativity

How you choose to think about the conflict situation and how the conflict is managed can make it either a positive or negative experience.