Maria could use this worksheet what are your options. to help her get clearer about what she could do next. Let’s see how she works through the questions.

1. Miracle question
What would she like to be different?
  • To fully understand what Tim is saying
  • To contribute to the presentation
  • To feel prepared to talk in front of the class
How would she feel?
  • Less stressed and nervous
  • Able to think about things and not worry about the presentation
  • That she was understood by Tim
  • More involved in the presentation and more in control of the grade she might receive
What specific things would need to change so that she would know the conflict had been resolved or was being managed well?
  • Have a different type of conversation with Tim
  • Feel like they are working together on the project
  • Agree on a clear action plan about what she needs to do so she can prepare adequately
2. Prioritise

It is important that Maria considers what is most important to her. She might write these things down to be able to reflect on them, for example she may want to:

  • Get a good grade for the presentation
  • Feel comfortable with the presentation she will be delivering and its content
  • Be part of the decision making process on what they present to the class
  • Be able to practice prior to giving the presentation
3. Action steps

What steps could Maria take to assist her in making the changes that she wants to see?

Maria knows that she would feel less nervous by being properly prepared for the presentation. She could work towards achieving this by:

  • Talking to Tim and letting him know how she feels and ensuring that they are working together as a team
  • Asking Tim if they can decide on a topic together that they both feel comfortable with
  • Explaining that she finds it difficult with the language barrier at times and asking him to think about this and maybe speak a bit slower in future
  • Ask the lecturer to change partners
  • Talk to other classmates about how they are approaching the presentation

It would be useful for Maria to brainstorm all the possible action steps that she could take so she can consider a range of options that are available to her and she can make a more informed choice.

Let’s see how her options could fit into the categories of: