At university you will encounter many lecturers and tutors with different teaching styles and personalities. You don’t have to love them all, but effectively managing your relationships with your lecturers is important for your academic and personal success and wellbeing.

Here are some students talking about conflict they have experienced with their lecturers at university:

Some typical kinds of student/lecturer conflict are:

  • Students feeling the lecturer was incompetent
  • Students not agreeing with the grade they received on assessment
  • Student/lecturer personality clash
  • Students thinking that the lecturer favoured certain students
  • Students feeling unfairly treated by the lecturer
  • Students thinking the assessment was unreasonable
  • Students believing that the lecturer didn’t follow the subject outline
  • Students and lecturers disagreeing about exam/assessment scheduling
  • Students not liking the lecturer’s style of teaching

These sorts of conflicts are stressful and can impact on your learning, university experience, personal life and in extreme cases, completion of the subject or the degree.

Let’s follow Lucy as she experiences and manages conflict with her lecturer.