Often, doing nothing can lead to a conflict getting worse. Let’s consider what might happen if Jess did nothing

Problem gets worse

If Jess does nothing about the photo, it is possible the problem could escalate. This could lead to Jess feeling worse about the situation and could result in damage to their friendship.

Stays the same

It is also possible that if Jess ignores the post the problem might simply go away, as the post is pushed further back less people are likely to see it and maybe that will help Jess to get over the post.

Situation improves

The situation improving without Jess’ help is also a possibility. Someone else may intervene on her behalf. A friend or family member may prompt Anna to remove the photo, or Anna may have a change of heart herself and decide to remove the photo from Facebook. While both these options have a positive outcome, they rely on the successful intervention of another or Anna having a change of heart and they remove the opportunity for Jess to communicate how she is feeling about the situation.

Let’s have a look at what might happen if Jess decides to take action on her own.