Some online conflicts may be complex and you may feel you want advice or support before trying to manage it yourself.

Options for seeking advice may include:

  • Talking to family or friends about the issue
  • Seeking assistance from a counsellor
  • Consulting the Facebook team

Though Jess really only considers consulting Facebook about removing the post there are various other ways seeking assistance can help.

  • Facebook staff may be able to help her improve her online security so she can’t be tagged in images without her consent. Facebook staff could also advise about their policies on Protecting Other People’s Rights and Safety
  • Talking to friends and family about the issue may help her to better understand the issue and remove some of her anxiety
  • Counsellors may assist her by promoting strategies to deal with Anna and the conflict in the future

If you are thinking about seeking assistance, this information sheet seek assistance may be useful to help you think about what people or services you could speak to.