So far in the examples Bec has worked through the conflict by herself, sometimes in a productive way, other times she did not approach it quite so well. Students may find it difficult to know where to start and how to approach a situation like this. In one scenario Bec mentions that she will speak to her placement coordinator, which is a great example of how you might seek assistance.

You might need assistance if:

  • You feel intimidated by your supervisor and unable to start a conversation
  • You are unsure of the work culture and protocols in place at your placement workplace
  • A conflict persists after you have initiated a conversation
  • You would like to have a conversation with someone in your workplace but would like some advice before you do so

For more information about assistance available if you are experiencing conflict while on work placement have a look at the resource sheet seek assistance. It may be useful to help you think about what people or services you could speak to.