Living in a sharehouse can be a great way to make friends and can be a lot of fun. But sometimes living with other people can lead to conflict and put a strain on friendships. Conflict at home can also negatively impact on your university experience, making it hard for you to study and creating additional stress in your life. It’s important to try to prevent share house conflict, and when it does occur, to manage it effectively.

Some of the things that housemates typically get into conflict about include:

  • Paying rent
  • Paying bills
  • Food
  • Rules around visitors
  • House parties
  • Noise
  • Sharing household items
  • Using hot water / shower schedules
  • Cleaning arrangements
  • Using common areas
  • Pets

Here are some students talking about share house conflicts they have experienced:

Preventing share house conflict

Prevention is better than cure! Before you move in together, it is a good idea to have a conversation about the “house rules” so that everyone agrees on what is expected from the beginning. This can prevent misunderstandings and conflict later on. This share house agreement is a useful guide for having a conversation with potential or new housemates.

Dealing with share house conflict

House mates Caitlin and Rachel are in conflict about Rachel using Caitlin’s food without asking. Let’s see what’s been happening in their house recently:

Let’s follow Caitlin as she tries to manage her conflict with Rachel.